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Are you overwhelmed by piles of paper in your home? When paper is disorganized, to-do tasks and important documents can get lost in the shuffle, creating chaos and hindering productivity. Working together, you and Devin Lee will sort and categorize your paper, understand what you need to keep, and create a filing system to help you stay organized. Discover Space Organizing also helps you manage your action items and incoming paper, create mail and homework stations, scan and digitize paper and more. 

"Never did I ever think I would make it to the bottom of my paper pile, (I had boxes and boxes) but I am so grateful to Devin for her fantastic guidance. Although I was a little embarrassed at first to fully show Devin my hoarding tendencies, she was so kind and immediately put my worries to rest with her assurance that we would whittle down the pile. 4 months later my relationship with paper is much healthier and thanks to the system we put in place I am no longer a paper hoarder! Couldn't recommend Devin enough, looking forward to tackling the garage and the rest of the house with Devin."

Chelsea C.

Working with Devin Lee in Portland


Wondering if working with a professional organizer will benefit you? Find out with an in-home consultation! Devin Lee will come to your home to assess your organizing needs, providing you with a breakdown of her recommendations for organizing the space. A follow-up recap will be provided after the consultation.


Each session begins with a quick check-in. This might be in the form of a conversation or a walk-through. Devin Lee also offers an optional guided meditation as a way to center and prepare for the session.


Devin Lee works with a coach-like approach, providing emotional support when needed and always working at your pace. During each session, you will work together to address clutter, make decisions and create systems to manage your stuff. Devin Lee will create a to-do list based on your needs during the organizing session to be emailed to you afterwards.


Discover Space Organizing is committed to conscientious donating and recycling of her client’s unwanted items. At the end of each organizing session, she will take a full carload of your donations and / or recycling to local shelters, charities and recycling centers, keeping as much as possible out of the landfill. This service is free of charge!