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Decluttering with Ease, Part 2: When to Sell.

Why do we struggle with decluttering? The main answer: it is emotionally fatiguing to make decision after decision after decision. But it is not just the amount of decisions to be made - it is often our lack of answers. Personally, my favorite part of the organizing process is the decluttering. I will tell you my secret to success:

Follow the path of least resistance.

Make the choice that is easiest for you in the moment.

Last week we discussed how to know when it is time to trash or recycle an item. Today, we are discussing...


I recently had a session with a client who wanted to get rid of all of her daughter's old toddler clothing. She passed most of it along to friends but kept a bag of the clothing she bought new from an expensive store. The conversation went something like this....

"I could sell all of these! Online or at a consignment store. This is good stuff that I bought new for a lot of money!"

"How much money do you think you could get if you sold all of these items?"

"Probably $200..."

"How long do you think it would take you to take all of these items to each consignment store in town, or take photos of all of them to list in online, haggle with sellers, bring each one to the post office to be delivered, etc etc etc."

"Maybe 20 hours..."

"Okay, so that's $10 an hour. How much is an hour of your time worth?"

"More than $10!"

"Exactly! Now, do you enjoy any of the steps it would take to sell of these items?"

"Hell no!"

Friends, I get it. It sucks to spend a bunch of money on an item that you no longer need. Hurts even. This is the painful truth you need to absorb before your next big purchase:

You may have bought something for a lot of money, but it is only "worth" what you can sell it for. It is worth even less if it is just sitting in your house unused. So unless you love hanging out on eBay or have a truly valuable item, the time it takes to sell something is often not worth your time. Listen carefully: you have better things to do.

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