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Decluttering with Ease, Part 3: Ways to Donate.

Why do we struggle with decluttering? The main answer: it is emotionally fatiguing to make decision after decision after decision. But it is not just the amount of decisions to be made - it is often our lack of answers. Personally, my favorite part of the organizing process is the decluttering. I will tell you my secret to success:

Follow the path of least resistance.

Make the choice that is easiest for you in the moment.

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Donating is my preferred method of discarding items. It keeps the flow of objects going. Objects come and objects go. The object I need is on its way to me as I pass along the objects I no longer have use for. Ya know? Here are my favorite ways to remove objects I no longer need from my life (besides Goodwill):

  • Consignment Store. You might even get a little cash for this one! My favorite consignment store donates the items it doesn't take to a good cause, and some consignment stores are run by a church or charity.

  • Free Piles. Do other cities have free piles, or just Portland? Every Spring when the weather starts to turn sunny, everyone starts decluttering and puts their unwanted items in a box outside of their house. It is the easiest way to get rid of things and I have found SO MANY awesome things for myself this way while walking around my neighborhood. If your city does not do free piles - start one!

  • Buy Nothing Project. This is a place to offer things you no longer need and ask for the things you do. Karma - achieved. I have gotten to know so many of my neighbors this way and have even made a few friends. Check out the Buy Nothing Project website to join (or start!) one in neighborhood.

  • Clothing Swaps. Every few months my friends and I get together and have a giant clothing swap - I bring the clothing I feel meh about and come home with some dazzling new items. Throw in some brunch and you've got yourself a nice Sunday!

  • Homeless Shelters. Many shelters are looking for a lot of specific items. Check with one near you to see if you have what they need.

Want your items to go to a really specific cause? Check with your local Professional Organizer - they know all of the places in town! And knowing that your beloved things are going to someone who can use them more makes it a lot easier to let it go.

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