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Stop Apologizing For Your Home

One of the reasons I am totally in love with my job is that it allows people to trust me enough to get to know them - like, really get to them. I feel like an observer of the human experience and it is fantastic.

And although every client and project is different (seriously, y'all are so unique), I have started to notice one similarity: Everyone is embarrassed of their house. Almost every consultation I do is peppered with phrases like:

"I am so ashamed of how bad it is in here!"

"This must be the worst you've ever seen."

"I meant to tidy before you came - I guess now you can see what its really like!"

The last one always makes me chuckle. If your house was tidy already, I wouldn't have a job. And guess what - your house is not the worst I've seen. Even if it was - please stop apologizing!

My clients are all fascinating, dynamic, interesting people that always inspire me. I've worked with seamstresses, super moms, actors, entrepreneurs - even children! Y'all are doing some pretty impressive stuff out there.

So let me make one thing very clear - being disorganized does not equal being a bad, lazy, or stupid person. It just means your life is full of other wonderful and amazing things. You have a family or a company or an addiction to painting. You are talented, focused, and busy.

Would being organized allow you to do all of those great things in your life harder, better, faster, stronger? ABSOLUTELY! But you can't begin the journey until you've dropped the baggage. So if this post speaks to at all, take some time to really dig deep and ask yourself why you are apologizing for the sacred space you call home and start getting grateful that you have one.

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