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Buying Out of Love VS Fear

There is a new philosophy on saving money that I adapted a few months ago (one that is shockingly different from my No-Spend Challenges). It goes like this: decide what things are important to you and spend MORE on them, leaving no money leftover for things that aren't important. So I wrote out a list.

Items on my YES list included: travel, food, business expenses, experiences with friends, and self care.

Items on my NO list mostly consisted of: beauty products and trendy health foods.

Seeing this written out floored me. Everything on my YES list were things I purchased out of love. Everything on my NO list were things I purchased out of fear. Fear that I am not beautiful enough. Fear that I am losing my hair. Fear that my skin is getting older. Fear of being less worthy.

And thinking back, I know I have spent countless dollars over the past few years on beauty products that made me feel worse instead of beautiful 90% of the time. Money AND SPACE completely wasted. My work now is to use this information as a lesson looking forward rather than beating myself up for getting sucked into a mindset I always thought I was above.

So I ask you - what items are you buying out of Love? What are you buying out of Fear?

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