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The Importance of Boundaries

I'm a big fan of boundaries. In fact - my theme for August is "Boundaries and How To Better Communicate Them". Emotional boundaries keep us compassionate, keep us safe, and keep us out of resentment. Recently, I've realized that this theme carries over into the work I do in the physical realm.

Did you know? Using containers to organize actually takes up more space. You can fit a hell of a lot more snacks in a drawer when they are shoved in at random than when they are neatly organized in bins. Just like when taking care of your emotional space, it is important to take up this extra room when you need it.

Containers, bin, and baskets don't just keep a space looking beautiful - they create boundaries for your things. They keep one category of items from spilling over and mixing with another. They create clearly defined limits.

If your bin is overflowing, it is time to take inventory, stop buying more, and starting decluttering.

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