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What Kind Of Disorganized Are You?

We all struggle with disorganization now and again - that's a fact. I bet even Miss Kondo has her off days. What might be helpful for to know is - what kind of disorganized are you? How do you find out?

There are two types of disorganization.

1. Situationally Disorganized.

Someone who is Situationally Disorganized can typically be organized on their own, but life has interfered. This type of disorganization is often caused by life transitions, such as:

  • Moving into a new home.

  • Having a baby.

  • Death in the family.

  • Starting a new job.

  • Combing households.

The important thing to know about being Situationally Disorganized is this: It is not about the INTENSITY of your disorganization, it is about the LENGTH of your disorganization. Hiring a Professional Organizer can help you get back to your baseline quicker and with less stress.

2. Chronically Disorganized

If you are chronically disorganized, you have:

  • A history of being disorganized.

  • Disorganization is currently affecting your quality of life.

  • You expect to be disorganized in the future.

Chronic Disorganization can be caused by a variety of things, such as ADHD, learning disabilities, mental health struggles, chronic pain, mobility impairment, and much more.

Regardless of which form of disorganization you are struggling with, here are the steps you can take to bring more peace into your life:

  1. Give yourself a break - there is no shame in this and many others have the same struggle!

  2. Get support from your family and friends.

  3. Schedule a consultation with a Professional Organizer to see if they are the right fit to help you maintain the chaos.

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