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The Gifts of Self-Isolation

These are horrific times right now. I don't need to list the reasons why - you already know. There is a buzzing of anxiety reverberating throughout the entire world.

I want to first acknowledge this struggle. Your feelings are valid. Give yourself a lot of grace and compassion. We are in this together and everyone is processing and dealing in their own way. Ride the waves of good and bad and honor how each feels.

I also want to say that you can hold space for that pain while still getting really grateful for the situation you are in. When you are feeling good and like you are thriving, it can be tempting to feel guilty. Instead, lean into it. Appreciate it and spread that joy around. We need to find joy in every corner right now.

Its time to get really curious about ourselves in self-isolation. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about ourselves.

We are suddenly forced to be extremely present. The future is more uncertain than ever. I think the biggest lesson here is - the future was never really certain to begin with, we just thought it was.

We are being forced to simplify our lives. We should only be going out if we absolutely have to. There are fewer options of what to do with our time.

We are forced to acknowledge what is truly important. Many of us are reevaluating how we feel about how we spend our time. Some of my newly unemployed friends are surprised by how relieved they were when their job ended. I am surprised by which activities I actually miss doing. I don't miss going out at night. I don't miss going to shows or going out to eat. I miss having my friends over for dinner. I miss going on walks with them and I miss being locked in a hug.

Our community is stepping UP. Mutual funds and volunteer opportunities are being filled. I am seeing resources being passed around, consolidated, and explained. We are calling one another to make sure everyone is okay. I have hour long conversations with at least three friends a day - I feel more connected than ever.

My favorite thing about all of this is watching things we thought were impossible before suddenly becoming possible. All in one day everything in my life was cancelled and my whole world was put on pause. Everything stopped on a dime.

What type of humans will we be when it is finally safe to to go outside again? I can't wait to see.

And to those of you who aren't staying home because you are delivering groceries or working at a hospital or some other occupation that puts you in impossible situations and your life on the line - my heart and gratitude to you swells in ways I can't express. Thank you.