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When I tell people that I am a professional organizer, I am more often than not met with the response “OH – I need your help”. This leads me to believe that most people understand that being organized would be helpful to them. However, I am also lead to believe that most people put very little or no time at all into getting their life and spaces organized. I assume most people think they don’t have the time. I personally don’t think I have the time not to be organized, and here are my top five reasons why:

1. Being Organized Saves Time.

“For every minute spent organizing an hour is earned.” - Benjamin Franklin

The amount of planning ahead needed is different for everyone. However, between planning ahead and NOT planning ahead - planning ahead will ALWAYS save you time. Cooking all my meals on the weekends saves me valuable time during my busy workweek. I rarely spend extra time looking for locker for the gym or my face lotion or my black shorts because they are usually exactly where in their designated home that is easy for me to access. And if they are not where they should be, I can immediately identify that they are truly missing and create a plan to retrace my steps or replace them.

2. Being Organized Is A Gift From Your Present Self To Your Future Self.

Some people like more spontaneity than others, but planning my schedule, my meals, my trips, whatever, makes me feel at ease. When I need to get something done and the steps are already laid out – I don’t have to do any extra thinking! I organize my life ahead of time when my brain is the most alert (in the morning) so that when my brain is slowing down (I already have a plan) – I already have a plan!

3. Being Organized Saves Money.

I never have to make last minute purchases when I am out and about because I forgot something. Just like planning a vacation ahead of time allows you to find the best deals and avoid unexpected fees, I plan my purchases around the cheapest time to buy and I never buy extras of something I already have. I know exactly how much I have of everything because my spaces are so organized. Nothing I own every expires or goes bad. Which leads me to my next point…

4. Being Organized Is Good For The Environment.

Being organized is a huge component of living a low impact / low waste lifestyle, which in these trying times we should all be striving for. Things in my home do not go to waste or expire because GOSH I forgot I already bought 7 of them. When I leave the house, I always have my reusable bags, snacks, to-go tupperware, or anything else I might need to reduce the amount of packaging I need to buy.

5. Being Organized Is Beautiful.

It just looks so dang nice when everything is in its place.

So if you are someone who spends little to no time getting organized, here is a call to action. Spend five minutes cleaning up your desktop, ten minutes planning your day, 15 minutes organizing a drawer in your bathroom, or 20 minutes color-coding the books on your bookshelf. Happy organizing!

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