What clients in Portland have to say about this Professional Organizer

Devin is an amazing talent at organizing! She organized my space at home and at my work as well as shared vital tips for me to maintain my order. She was a delight to work with and I highly recommend her services!

Allison B.

Devin is an approachable and friendly person, who has the gift of exceptional organization! I worked with Devin in an elementary classroom of nearly 30 children, and she was able to navigate a wide variety of distractions while still accomplishing numerous goals. Her organization was a vital part of the classroom flow, and she shared this gift with warmth and compassion. I would highly recommend Discover Space Organizing to anyone with needs for structure in any part of their life.

Kelly H.

Devin was truly amazing to work with! She had great ideas and made organizing fun instead of overwhelming. Worked collaboratively with me and provided simple tips to keep me motivated to stay organized and on top of things. She was also patient and understanding. Looking forward to working together again and highly recommend!

Stephanie G.

In the span of a few short hours, Devin emptied out a very crowded and cluttered storage space, sorted it, reorganized it and created a highly functional and seemingly more spacious under-the-stairs office product and extra material storage space. I recently had to access something I typically would have to hunt for and found it right away, breathing a deep sigh of gratitude and relief. I now jump at the task to collect something from this space because it is no longer daunting, in the slightest. I really appreciated her timeliness, creative use of space and her professional demeanor. I highly recommend her services!

Erin P.

Devin was super helpful in helping me organize my basement and art studio. She was able to accomplish in three hours what would have taken me three weeks to do! She was efficient and made great use of our time. I highly recommend her.

Mariah G.

Devin transformed our narrow, crowded storage space with an intuitive layout specific to our needs as a school: often-used products like toilet paper and tissues at the front, gallons of paint low enough to easily handle. A good listener with an eye for details, Devin brings a comprehensive approach, assessing the space with you before cleaning it out entirely, decluttering, organizing, and finally arranging it strategically. We are delighted with Devin's work and will continue to utilize Discover Space!

Julie S.

I had a great experience working with Devin! In less than 5 minutes after arriving at my home, she was already diving in to the pile of clutter that we were targeting for cleanup and organization that day. I can’t believe how much we accomplished in just 3 hours—by myself, I surely would not have even come close.

Devin is super-helpful without being judgmental and offers suggestions but is never heavy-handed. She makes sure that the solutions will work for you in the long run, not just for a quick fix. I will definitely hire Devin again!

Caryn H.

I elicited Devin’s help in organizing my belongings, and later benefited from Devin’s expertise in preparing for a cross-country move. As a clinical
psychologist I appreciated Devin’s respect for the therapeutic value of organizing. Although I merely sought to tidy, Devin stepped inside my personal space and turned my stressful cleaning project into a healthful, cleansing release. The ability to maintain structure amid deep emotional
processing requires poise, compassion, and strong communication. Devin demonstrated this capacity with patient determination. She has a clear knack for this work and a vision of success to propel her forward.

Mollie P.

Working with Devin was a complete joy! A purging process I'd been dreading somehow turned into an uplifting experience. Letting go of some things for which I carried an emotional attachment was made so much easier as we walked through it together, and the physical and emotional spaciousness I gained was so worth it! I can hardly wait to work with her again!

Delila O.